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The Prophetic Art of Dealing with Non-Muslims

The Prophetic Art of Dealing with Non-Muslims


Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said, " I have been sent to perfect moral character." Nowhere was our beloved profits moral character clear than in his conduct would non-muslims. In this book I discussed how the prophet dealt with non-muslims of his community to present a model on how to live in multi-faith societies and uphold Harmony. Our Prophet dealt with non-muslims based on the Islamic view of the humans inherent dignity. This view extended even to his opponents, who slandered, insulted, and exiled him and his companions from their homes as well as persecuted them for their beliefs. As we will see, several of his antagonist would come to accept Islam purely because of his forgiveness and compassion. These lessons in kindness and moral conduct are valuable not just for Muslims, but for humanity the world over.

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