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Reviving 354 Prophetic Sunnahs

Reviving 354 Prophetic Sunnahs


Reviving 354 Prophetic Sunnahs: A Practical Guide- English Version is the first of Dr. Ragheb Elsergany's books translated to English language.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) predicted that a time would come when people would deliberately leave the Sunnah, and rely only on the Noble Quran. Both this authentic hadith and many verses of the Quran make it clear that to do so is delusional and misguided. 

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    Salvation lies in following the Sunnah of the Prophet as he made clear. Yet, we still see today many of the Sunnahs being forsaken, whether through ignorance, or underestimating their importance. As such, this book aims to be a practical guide in reviving 354 of our Prophet’s beautiful Sunnahs. That is one Sunnah for every day of the Hijri calendar.

    I tried my utmost here to match the hadiths to their relevant days or month, such as the Sunnahs of Friday or the Sunnahs of the holy month of Ramadan. I was further careful to solely rely on hadiths with authentic narrations and avoided any hadiths that scholars considered unauthentic. When I did use hadiths whose authenticity is disputed, I made sure to support their meanings with verses from the Quran.
    The reader can most productively benefit from this book by reading only one sunnah a day and applying it in his life before moving onto the next one. By doing so, the Sunnah becomes as it is meant to be: not a heavy burden imposed on you, but a candle that lights up the dark; a lighthouse to guide the perplexed.

    Translators: AR Kelani, Thomas Parker

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