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Dr. Ragheb al-Sergany (Arabic: راغب السرجاني‎) is an Egyptian Muslim preacher, surgeon and academic who is best known for his studies of Islamic history, and his founding and current supervision of[3]), a website that deals with the studies of the history of Islam. He is also an assistant professor of uro-surgery in Cairo University School of Medicine. Ragheb has hosted and co-hosted several well-known satellite-TV programs in the Arab world, which has contributed to his reputation between Arab audiences. His audio series detailing particular epochs in Islamic history, including “The Prophetic Story” (السيرة النبوية), “Andalusia: from opening to demise” (الأندلس: من الفتح إلى السقوط), “The Tatars: from their beginning to the Battle of ‘Ayn Jaloot” (التتار: من البداية حتى معركة عين جالوت), have also contributed to his reputation.


He graduated from Cairo University School of Medicine (Kasr el-Ainy School of Medicine) in 1988, receiving his Bachelor’s degree, with excellence and honors. He then went on to receive his Master’s degree from Cairo University with excellence in 1992, and his doctorate in the field of urosurgery under joint Egyptian and American supervision in 1998.

Ragheb memorized the Qur’an in 1991 (at the age of 27).[1]

His overall education has served him in the following areas:

  • As an assistant professor of uro-surgery in Cairo University.

  • As the Head of the Board of Administrators for the Hadara Center for Historical Studies in Cairo.

  • As the supervisor of

  • As an Islamic researcher and thinker, with a specific interest in Islamic History.

Dr. Ragheb summarizes the theme of his intellectual project in its name, “Together we can build the best of nations” (معاً نبني خير أمة). He writes that this project is a product of meticulous and comprehensive study of Islamic history, and that it has several aims.

  • Deduction of the factors of revival of nations, and using these factors to create a renaissance in the nation of Muslims (Ummah).

  • Eliciting hope in the hearts of Muslims, and urging them to earn beneficiary knowledge and employ constructive work to achieve their revival.

  • Purifying the History of Islam from any inserted blasphemies, and presenting the aspect of civility in its bounds.

  • He has for years shared in lectures, books, articles and papers of analysis regarding the issue of revival, and has traveled to various parts of the globe in the process.

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